Thank you for using the currency converter! This page answers some of the most frequent questions users may have with the currency converter.

I cannot see the addin.

The addin is not really visible in Excel. When it is installed, you can use the new formular, try entering e.g.:


To convert 100 USD to EUR. If it works, the addin is installed. If Excel says “unknown formula”, the addin is not installed. If there is an error message e.g. “no internet connection”, check your internet connection. In case you use a proxy server, you need to buy the professional version.

How to activate the professional version / where to enter the serial number?

Use any of the pro features in order to activate the professional version. E.g. you can use the following formular to show the popup where you can enter the serial:


Where to download the professional version?

There is no special download for the professional version; the free version comes with a set of features which is inactive until the you enter the serial for the professional version. Click here to download.

Why buy the professional version?

First of all you support the development of free plugins such as the currency converter. Furthermore you get distinct features only available in the pro version:

  • Historic currency exchange rates
  • Proxy Server support
  • Permission to use the product in a commercial environment